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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 18, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bridge. nothing official. a smooth drive along the peninsula a memorial for a 14-year-old boy killed in a crash at a raceway. the family of marcus johnson owns this muffler shop. friends bringing flowers and balloons leaving messages of support for the family. he was killed when a car on the marysville raceway lost control and slammed right into a pit crew. it was driven by his 17-year-old cousin, chase johnson. >> this is a total tragedy. it really hits the heart really bad. >> it is just sad that this happens. it is a risic that we take when we go racing. >> unfortunately, also died a
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68-year-old man, also killed. the driver, chase johnson, was not injured. this morning, pope francis is preparing for his installation mass in vatican city. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack st. peter's square to see the pope. leaders from all over the world are expected to be there. vice president joe biden arrived late last night. he will leave the u.s. delegation. today, pope francis will meet with the president of his home country of argentina. the two have had a contentious relationship, specially over the issue of same-sex marriage legalized in 2010. 150,000 visited st. peter's square for the first sunday prayer and blessing. >> new this morning, vallejo police serving for a gunman that shot an killed an elderly man. police found that victim at a home on hitchborn street near
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riverpark. the man's identity is being held until his family is notified. investigators have not yet given out details or a suspect or motive. they are looking for a suspected car thief that rammed a stolen car into a car in san francisco. jeremiah dickerson hit the fire truck last night about 7:00 p.m. chp says dickerson was riding with a woman in the car on 101 whether he got angry and started punching her. the woman got out. he sped off continuing into san francisco and hit the fire truck, then, ditched the car and ran away. this afternoon, former santa clara supervisor is expected to plead guilty on charges he misused campaign funds. five felonies and seven misdemeanors for misusing public funds and lying to investigators. prosecutors say he spent the money on everything from parties
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and gambling to personal golf trips. if found guilty, sheirakowa coud spend time in jail and be fined. a man accused of stealing a yacht will return to court for a preliminary hearing. he has pled guilty. prosecutors say he stole the 80-foot sailboat, darling, and ended up beaching it in pacifica. he is being held in the san mateo county jail on $1 million jail a south bay hardware store with a long history could be coming down in the near future. the orchard supply hardware store on san carlos was built way back in 1946, the very first osh store in the bay area. the company now wants to tear it down to build a new store on that very same spot but it first needed a permit to do it.
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a community hearing is scheduled for tonight to discuss the development plans. here is the interesting fact about that. that lot where the hardware store now stands was once the site of dosolidarity park. it hosted a baseball exhibition game in 1927. that included the likes of babe ruth, lou gehrig and lefty o'doole. 4:36. final word on which airport control towers will clothes. there could be some bay area names on the list. the closures are in response to the sequester cuts by the federal government which slash about $600 million from the faa. it will be at airports with fewer than 150,000 flights or 10,000 commercial operations per year. control towers in napa, concord, livermore, stockton and santa rosa are all on the list of possible closures. the palo alto city council is currently looking for a
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solution to the city's big-time parking problems. residents say parking has reached a saturation point and things are about to get worse as a new downtown developments continue. according to park and enforcement, the palo alto city council will start looking at several different locations and proposals including more spots for permit holders at two city garages. it will consider a valet program at another garage putting parking restrictions in residential neighborhoods and building a brand new parking structure. let's check the forecast. christina loren. it is going to be beautiful. mondays post st. patrick's day. we are talking 70s. let's take it through your hour by hour detail as of tomorrow. rain on the way. quite a bit of it. we need it this time of year. 46 degrees to start the day. good morning to you. 40 degrees by noon today. temperatures jumping into the mid to upper 60s.
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67 degrees at lunchtime in antioch. so make sure you are ready for that. it is going to be really nice today, not too hot, not too cold. 70 in gilroy, livermore and concord. 65 degrees for san francisco. let you know when the rain arrives at your doorstep in the next report. stay tuned for that. first, i want to get you out that front door if you are leaving right now. there is some extra company. >> that would be a great idea if you are going to carpool, if that's your extra company. over here to the bay bridge. later on in the commute, things get congested the hov lane almost the best bet. any lane is a good even bet as you are crossing the bay. i am watching that because we had an earlier issue. we had an upper deck truck fire reported getting in toward the san francisco side. first reported, it looked like all activity not affecting your freeway or the approach toward that central freeway. smooth, slower drive up the incline, as is typical. highway 24 westbound, near the
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central lafayette off ramp, a minor crash reported there. it sounds like a car spun out, no injuries reported. everything is out of lanes. chp is arriving on the scene. we don't see any slowing. 680, a smooth drive as well. both directions. coming down through concord and pleasant hill. no problems. highway 4, typically, one of your first spots. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are going to talk about b.a.r.t. riders this morning. they better get ready to squeeze in a little tighter. bicycles will be allowed on all trains no matter what time of the day. normally, bikes are banned during commute hours. there is a week-long test run to see if the bikes hold up commuters. they are working on making them more bike friendly. in june, they are expected to be reconfigured to allow more room for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs. the only place you can't take your bikes is the first car, for safety reasons. the world baseball classic
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continues at at&t park tonight. people facing some going are going to face some parking prices. meters operate until 10:00 p.m. every night. on event days like today, you are going to pay about $7 per hour to park. last night was the first night of increase rates. >> kind of steep for baseball. team usa, already knocked out. the games must go on. the netherlands playing the dominican republic. >> the winner plays puerto rico. they have plenty of support at at&t park. >> puerto rico, yeah! puerto rico! >> bring the party all the time. look at their band. thousands of fans were there to support their team. puerto rico beat japan last night, 3-1. maybe it was the ma rock kas that put them over the edge. the giants outfielder was one of
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the heroes. >> i didn't know there were so many puerto ricans. i have to tip my hat. there are a lot of puerto ricans over here. i have to thank them. for them to come over here and support us, it means a lot. >> it sure does. the baseball insiders say the most interesting thing about the world baseball classic is how it draws fans from simply all over the world. >> i think the biggest thing has been the fans. as i've traveled all over the country, you he soo the dominicans dancing and singing and then you see japan with the co core yo graphed yelling. it is pretty cool. the winner of today's ball game will play puerto rico tomorrow night in the finals. the other cool thing. team usa is out and you have giants to keep it alive. 4:41 now. coming up, the hollywood style jail break with the
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unscripted ending even the bad guys didn't see coming. this was wild. new details in the budg battle that threaten to bring washington to a halt. what investigator are saying happened before a plane crashed into a busy neighborhood.
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welcome back. good monday morning. workers from across the country in san francisco protesting their boss's decision to cut services. the national postal forum begins this morning at the mascone center. post master, patrick donahoe is expected to speak at 10:00 a.m. postal workers are planning a rally to protest the recent decision to cut saturday mail delivery. that will start at 9:00 it was quite the run with a long list of records but the dow retreating from its ten-day rally. wall street has its eye on a crucial vote in washington set for today. s seema mody is live at cnbc's world headquarters with all the detail. good morning to you. futures are lower after the eu announced a bailout for cypress. the dow snapping its ten-day winning streak on friday. it looks like it will fall lower
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on european stocks. we get information this morning for the national home builders association. the dow closing at 14514 and the nasdaq losing ten points to close at 3249. the congress still working on a debt deal. the senate is working what's known as the continuing resolution to keep the government running until september. the house appears ready to pass the senate bill and a vote is scheduled for later today. both the house and senate go on easter break at the end of the week. if no deal is reached. the u.s. government runs out of money on march 27th. that will likely something we are watching closely. back to you. >> we know you will. thank you very much. going to help you ease into the monday morning, at least a good forecast. >> looks like you ate too much corn beef and cabbage like me. >> and some beverages. >> it is st. patrick's day. you have to do what you have to do. when i left campbell, people
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were still celebrating this morning. take it easy on the rhodes. 4:47 now. take you outside. temperatures aren't that frigid to start. we are going to see a nice day. the rain moves in tomorrow. anything outdoors that may get damaged, if it gets wet, you want to bring that in today. don't thichb about washing your car. let mother nature do it for you. we are going to see enough rainfall. everybody is going to get a quarter of an inch, a half inch. 46 degrees for san jose to start, 41 down in gilroy. as we head throughout the day, we are going to see a little bit of this patchy fog. our atmosphere is getting mixed up by these winds. if we see any, it will be in the north bay and at the coast. high and mid-level clouds start to increase by noon. by 5:00 p.m., we are mostly cloudy. we are holding off on the rain. the showers will start to push in the north bay. they will start to spread to the south. expect a pretty rough commute home. widespread rainfall expected
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over the greater bay area. one day of rain and we are going to clear out as we head for thursday or friday. i want to point out, this is the only day with the 70s on the map with the next few. if you want to get outdoors, today is your day to do so. livermore, 70 degrees as we head through tomorrow. the mid-60s, low 60s by wednesday. thursday into friday, we will warm you back up. the sun is going to come back out. it will take a while to get to the mid to upper 70s, 80-degree weather. we need the rain at this point. we will talk about how much we are expecting up in tahoe and right here in the bay area coming up. 4:48. at least two people are dead after a small plane crashed into three houses in northern indiana. you can actually see parts of the plane lodge in one of the homes. a spokesperson for the federal aviation administration says there were four on board, two were killed, the other two hurt. a local fire chief says one
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person was found injured in one of the homes. jet fuel leaked into the house posing a big hazard. >> as far as everyone in the plane, they have been accounted for, the people inside, two of the residences, we are still searching and making sure we haven't missed anyone. >> the pilot radioed for help before the crash citing electrical problems. the private plane took off from tulsa, oklahoma and was due to land at south bend regional airport. a trial in new york city is underway over the police department's stop and frisk program. more than 100 police officers, scholars and lawmakers are expected to testify on the warrantless policy. the controversial tactic allows police to stop and question and sometimes frisk people on the street. many people say they were wrongly targeted because of their race and they believe the program is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. reports show most targeted groups appear to be black and hispanic men a case before the supreme
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court could impact the documents you have to show the next time you register to vote. the court hears arguments on an arizona law that would require voters to show proof of citizenship before registering. it is meant to keep undocumented immigrants from registering. opponents say it could hurt citizens as well. particularly the elderly and undocumented citizens who may not have a driver's license to prove their citizenship. >> are we going to make it more difficult to vote for citizens or are we going to make it less difficult to vote? >> we want eligible people to vote and make it as easy as possible for el jebl people, consistent with protecting the integrity of the system. four other states have similar requirements and officials say at least a dozen other states including california are considering it. >> we have new details about a wild and daring escape from canadian prison, like something out of james bond.
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authorities say they have now recaptured two inmates that have broke out by climbing a rope dangling from a helicopter hovering above the prison. they say the two men were outside yesterday afternoon when the helicopter came buzzing in and dropped a rope down. the men then climbed up the rope and the helicopter took off with them still swinging on it. one of the escapees and two other people were arrested hours later. the second escapee turned himself in. the chopper pilot may not have known what was going on. they are calling him a very important witness. they say he is being treated at a local hospital for shock. >> so maybe they just hired him. >> something, hired him, held him at gunpoint. who knows what happened. >> 4:51. ncaa tournament is set and two bay area teams have a shot at the national title. we are going to bring you the details next. >> one of the teams is yours. stanford bringing up the cleanup hitter. what's behind a new name for the
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former secretary of state. hold on. that's what they are saying here in oakland. i'll explain what's going on for the nimitz freeway and let you know what's going on.
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a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ to college football where former secretary of state condoleezza rice has a new nickname shall the cleanup hitter. when the cardinal football program needs to close a deal with a prospect, they bring in condi. cardinal head coach says she
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relates well with the team and their family and specially helpful luring recruits away from notre dame where she earned that masters. she comes from a football background. her father was a coach. she first got involved withstand ford's football program while she was working for the university back in the 1980s. >> that's pretty cool, probably cooler for the recruits family. when i was in high school, 17, i'm not sure if i knew who the secretary of state was, alexander haig, way back when. >> i think you are right. 4:55, let's check in with mike inouye to see what's happening on the rhodes. oakland, bay bridge, moving just fine. we will move you to the earlier traffic break. it will last just about five minutes. a smooth drive right now. folks stopping traffic northbound, because they have to clear the construction crew just to the north. the map shows you, it's a little slow coming up through the stretch recovering after the earlier slow drive. the halt for traffic. now, everything is moving again heading up into downtown.
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you should see that clear in the next few. 580 westbound. mashes your commute in the direction with the arrow. north on 680 coming up through pleasanton out of sinol. a light flow of traffic out of the south bay. i'll track that if you want to know about anything unusual. north bound route just fine. light traffic flow means you can pretty much go the speed limit everywhere. back to you. march madness is officially upon us right now. yesterday, the gentleman, today, selection day for the ncaa basketball tournament. >> both cal and stanford expect to be placed in the team bracket. speaking of fellows, they found out their fate yesterday. the cal bears earning the 12th seat. they will be facing unlv keeping it close thoem. the bears loss to the the running rebels by one point. a little rematch here.
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here is hoping for a better result. >> let's hope for the st. mary's gaels as well. they will play middleton tomorrow. winner gets the 11th seed and will play memphis on thursday if they get tomorrow's game. >> an outside guess. are you cheering for st. mary's? >> i think it is pretty obvious, right? that's the one thing i am biased on. coming up, a call for accountability. nut campaign all set to get larry elson ready to pay for the america's cup. >> a car is careening into a bay area storefront. we're going to tell you what led up to that crash. >> get up to the minute the minute you are up on "today in the bay."
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a budding race car driver killed his own teenage cuz yin. what investigator rs saying about the cause the city of oakland coming up with a new plan to fight
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crime. how it plans to do much more with much less a beautiful start to the week. temps in the 70s. here comes the rain. we'll time it out to your doorstep. here comes the traffic. that's your monday experience. we'll point out what's going on as you approach the bay bridge. another warning for one of your crossings. let's take a live look from the south bay. welcome to monday morning, march 18th. this is "today in the bay." it is 5:00, day one of your workweek. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. a north bay family is mourning the loss of their 14-year-old son after he was killed in a crash in a race crack over the weekend. marcus johnson was in the pit for his cousin, 17-year-old race car driver, chase johnson, when chase's car slammed right into
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the crew. "today in the bay's" marla tallez joins us with more on this really tragic story. >> this tragedy happened during a practice run on a racetrack in marysville, from sacramento. both boys are from the north bay. they are cousins and marcus, the one who was killed, idolized his older cousin. this morning, a memorial for 14-year-old marcus johnson is growing in santa rosa where the boy is from. you can see here candles and flowers outside the muffler shop his family owns in santa rosa. he was watching his cousin, chase, warm up before a scheduled race for the california sprint car civil war series. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. at one point, the 17-year-old driver with 140 wins under his belt, a lot of experience, he lost control. his car flew more than 100 feet and slammed directly into the pit crew.


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